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COVID-19 and Privacy for Employees

Privacy Laws for Employers to Take Note of to Keep Employees Safe in the Time of COVID-19 The COVID pandemic has caused people from all over the world to become increasingly conscious and cautious about their health. With a larger emphasis placed on hygiene and the need for social distancing measures, it is clear that…

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Three Reasons to Hire a Fractional Executive

A fractional executive is a hiring trend that allows SMBs to get VP or C-level expertise for a “fraction” of the cost. Fractional executives usually offer long term engagement working on a retained basis for an agreed-upon amount of time per month. The fractional executive may work for several companies at one time or may…

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Hiring Trends for SMBs: the Fractional CFO

What is a Fractional CFO? All growing businesses need a sound strategic financial leader – the Chief Financial Officer, often called the CEO’s righthand executive. However many small and mid-sized businesses do not have the budget yet to pay for an experienced, educated CFO. Enter the fractional CFO. A fractional CFO is precisely what the…

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Six Behavioral Questions to Ask Your Next Candidate

A Good Place to Start Your Behavioral Interview Behavioral interviews are quickly becoming the top interviewing technique used by employers today. They are deemed to be highly beneficial and strategic as they help you learn about a candidate’s past performance, which you can use to glean ideas about their future behavior. As competition in the…

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How to Conduct a Successful Behavioral Interview

Tips to Successfully Conduct a Behavioral Interview Interviewing is an important step in the employee selection and filtering process. Behavioral interviews are often used to gauge whether an employee has the skill set and behavior that your organization needs. This technique is recognized as one of the most effective since it gives you a glimpse…

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What is a Behavioral Interview and Why is it an Effective Hiring Tool?

Behavioral Interviews for Hiring Job interviews have long been a traditional aspect of the hiring process as these help employers and managers determine the most suitable candidates for a position. No matter what type of company you have, employees will be one of your most valuable assets, so you want to be sure that you…

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Behavioral Interview Tips to Ace the Interview

Behavior-Based Interview Questions Behavioral interviews are one of the routine procedures done by employers when screening candidates. They consist of questions designed to know how you behave in particular situations through your past experiences and scenarios. Ultimately, the goal is for employers to assess whether you are fit for a particular position in their company.…

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Bridging the Gap Between the Aging Baby Boomer and the Younger Generations

Generations Working Side-by-side As the Baby Boomers start to approach retiring age, businesses have seen an influx of Generation X, millennials, and Generation Z members joining the workforce. With many senior employees working beyond the retirement age today, generation gaps have become more evident and prominent in the workplace. While the millennials and Generation X…

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Post-Covid: Addressing Employees Apprehensions About Returning to Work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to establish remote work set-ups to comply with stay-at-home orders and prevent employees from contracting the virus. The transition has undoubtedly been a challenging ordeal, with companies facing much uncertainty about how operations will continue. Now that restrictions and protocols are slowly starting to ease, the big question for…

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