Job Seekers

Finding the right opportunity in Silicon Valley or any part of California can be daunting. Often a job description doesn’t paint the entire picture, so you need someone to represent you who understands the complexity of the potential company and how it might relate to your career goals and objectives.

Additionally, applying yourself may lead you to an electronic black hole of silence. When you work with Julie at The PJF Group, you will receive her guidance and professional expertise. She will help you prepare for your interview with as much information as she has, giving you an edge to showcase your background as it relates to the company and position.

Depending on these objectives, you may be interested in regular employment or professional consulting opportunities. Julie can assist you with both.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit your credentials to apply for the position
  2. If your background looks like a good fit, Julie will reach out to you to have a full discussion.
  3. If your background does not look like a fit, you will remain in the candidate pool until an appropriate opening becomes available.
  4. If it makes sense, Julie will suggest resume edits prior to submitting your resume to the employer.
  5. The next step may either be a phone OR in-person interview. She will give you whatever tips and information she has to help you feel confident during your meeting.
  6. Often there are follow up interviews with additional team members. Julie will help arrange these with you and the employer.
  7. Once the feedback is received from the employer, Julie will communicate the next steps, which may include a background check and/or references.

While she understands your desire to achieve your next career goal, she is also committed to making the right fit. That means guiding both you and the employer through the hiring process, taking into consideration job requirements, company culture, team dynamics, your skillset, and background.