About Us

Founded by Julie Fleury, the PJF Group is a professional contingency talent acquisition team serving the United States. In particular, Julie has many years of experience navigating the complex hiring waters of the Silicon Valley, and is currently based out of Oregon.

Julie Fleury, Principal

Julie brings multiple decades of experience working with organizations seeking talent in the areas of IT, Sales, Operations and Finance. Her ability to understand a job scope and find qualified talent while building relationships on both sides, has helped her develop a strong network of talent and employers with whom she works.

Her recruiting career began in the temporary industry where she quickly established herself as both a temporary and full time recruiting expert. Since then, she has conducted hundreds of searches in a variety of industries and locations.

Julie holds two certifications: Certified Staffing Professional and CAC accreditation (legal compliance and industry practices). She has expert knowledge of Federal and California employment laws, labor relations and regulations to guide employers and candidates to be compliant.

Philosophically, Julie believes in making talent matches which benefit both parties, leading to a successful employment history for all concerned. She will work with employers to understand not only the job scope and requirements, but also what a successful candidate looks like. Her professional yet pleasant demeanor makes her enjoyable to work with.

If you would like to discuss your hiring project with Julie, please complete the contact form below and she will respond to you directly.