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Five Ways to Reward and Engage Your Top Performers

Top Performers – The Lifeline of Your Business In today’s competitive business landscape, having a team composed of top-performing individuals is crucial for success. As a leader in your company, you understand that these exceptional employees are your organization’s most valuable asset. They bring their skills and dedication to the table every day, driving innovation…

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Elevating Small Business Leadership: The Role of Executive Search

Utilizing Executive Search Partners to Fill the Gap In every small business there comes a pivotal point where decisions need to be made about its growth. Waiting too long could be a drag on momentum, while growing too quickly can expose areas of the business that could break. One of the significant challenges that small…

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The Pay Transparency Act and What it Means to You

What is the “Pay Transparency Act”? Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 1162 (SB1162) on September 27, 2022. This bill, also referred to as “The Pay Transparency Act” is intended to amend California Government Code section 12999 and California Labor Code section 432.3 by expanding pay data reporting and increase pay scale transparency. Over several decades,…

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Five Books You Can Read to Become a Better Leader

Learn from some of the greats When it comes to business and management, leadership is a highly discussed topic among enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. It is important to build leadership skills if you are a manager or business owner, as these will help you grow your people and create a lasting impact in a business. Becoming…

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What to Look for in a Technical Project Manager

Project Management + Technology Today’s digital age has made technology such an important aspect of any organization, allowing processes to become more efficient and quick. Given its key role, it is no surprise that businesses are now employing people who are adept at information technology (IT) and similar fields. Technical project managers, in particular, are…

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Management Guide to Helping Employees Return to the Office

Returning to Work: Lending Emotional Support to Employees As They Return to the Office While some companies have opted to retain a remote work setup, others have gradually begun reopening their offices. With the impacts of the current pandemic, the process of going back to work can be difficult for employees. The last year has…

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Upskilling Your Workforce

What is “Upskilling” and Why is it Important in the Workplace? There is no denying that people are your most important asset when it comes to a business or organization. Without skilled individuals taking on roles in your company, you will not meet your objectives. Now that technology is advancing so rapidly, it is more…

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2021 trends

A Hiring Outlook for 2021

What to Expect of Recruitment During and After the Pandemic 2020 was a challenging year. The global pandemic had undoubtedly transformed everyone’s lives, making it difficult to go back to the pre-pandemic situation. Businesses are no exception as many companies also had to transition into a remote set-up to continue operations despite lockdowns and quarantines.…

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home office

Is it Time for a Home Office Makeover?

Redesign Your Office Space to Maximize Productivity If you have switched to remote work due to the pandemic like many people throughout the world, you may not have realized that you would have to utilize your “temporary” home office for such a long period. Perhaps your home office may require some updates to make it…

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