The hiring landscape of Silicon Valley and all of California remains complex and competitive. What worked before doesn’t always work now, so you need an agile, experienced professional recruiter who understands not only your hiring needs, but also how to approach that landscape to find the right fit.

“Julie Fleury is a standout in every way. She was a pivotal leader during a time of extraordinary growth and change when she reported to me at L'Occitane en Provence across multiple high profile districts including both northern and southern California markets.

Julie is an exceptional recruiter and has an eye for talent selection and people development like no other.
She was able to help in sales training and operational process development across high volume retail locations and was trusted to consistently deliver to net income budget during our time together.

It has been an absolute delight to have worked with Julie and I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a trusted retail industry professional and executive consultant.”

Senior Director of Operations

"I've worked with Julie for several years and found her to be a tireless advocate for helping people find their place in and be prepared for the professional world. Julie has, on a pro bono basis, participated in discussion panels and mock interviews each year we've worked together. She provides great advice and guidance to my students and I count myself fortunate to have access to her talents and expertise as I work to prepare my students for 'life after college'!"

Zach Osborne
Menlo College

"Julie has a wonderful and personable way of doing business, in the most authentic way. She is realistic and not trying to shoe horn a candidate into a role but also aims to go through the discovery for both the candidate and the hiring manager. My experience with her did not win the job, but it was a pleasure to work with her and the hiring manager because we hosted honest, real conversations. If given the opportunity to work with Julie again, I would and would be comfortable in recommending her to colleagues and friends, alike."

Anita Pagin

"Julie is one of the most professional industry leaders I know. Julie is very knowledgable in staffing, actually listens to her candidates and her clients to make that perfect fit.
I had the opportunity to work with Julie many times and she was always professional. As my chair of Owners Only Retreat for California Staffing, Julie did an outstanding job!"

Joan Boragine

"Julie is someone that I truly admire and enjoyed working with as a peer while with Renoir Staffing. She had remarkable out of the box ideas and was not afraid to push the envelope when necessary. Julie has a wonderful outlook on life and a keen ability to keep a positive attitude while on the job dealing with the many pressures that we faced as managers. I could always rely on Julie to offer sound advice and suggestions as she was always there when I had a tough situation to deal with. She is a strong sales leader and a wonderful mentor. I'd jump at the opportunity to work with her again! She's a true asset!"

Arisha Williams
Mercy Health

"I worked with Julie at Renoir Staffing Services and got the chance to work with one of the most warm, honest, and dedicated people I have ever met. She made my day go by even when we weren't in the same office I always enjoyed talking to her and she never made me feel like I asked one too many questions. :-) I would work with Julie over and over again and would love to have her as a Manager anyday! :-)"

Connie White

"In the beginning of my career with L`Occitane Julie was my assistant manager and I her subordinate. Julie is an honest straight forward manager who influenced me with such a positive attitude toward her work. I would probably not have remained with the company as long as I did had it not been for my intial guidance by Julie. I hold Julie at the top of the ladder as one of the most positive influential persons in my life. I would not hesitate to work with or for Julie again."

Sandra Bass

"Awesomeness (n. The quality of being awesome.) This describes Julie! I've known Julie since she was President of the CSP/Silicon Valley Chapter and have had the pleasure of working with her on several projects over the past few years. Julie is a true professional in every sense of the word, has deep industry knowledge and is just a super nice person. She is one of those rare individuals that you can truly entrust your career to. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Linda Walston

"Dealing with Julie Fluery of the PJF group was a breath of fresh air especially if you consider the current state of the job market. She takes time to get to know you as a candidate, instead of just treating you like just another transaction. She is encouraging, takes time to understand your history before presenting you to client and unlike other recruiters she just doesn't give you the silent treatment if things don't work out, she will call and let you know why things don't work out and assures you that she will keep you on the radar if some other opportunities do come up. I think this approach will help keep up the quality level on both sides of coin and result in long term benefit for both parties."

Zakir Siddiqi

"Julie is a Diamond Award Winning kind of person. In a confident yet quiet manner she offered to help our Association (California Staffing Professionals/ CSP) with a special Event. Then, in a deliberate and focused manner she followed up on her assignments. Not only did she follow up...she took ownership of her piece of the pie and enchanced the output. Impeccable detail and follow through. Julie is Golden."

Ernest Pineda

"Julie is the Biz Dev queen. It is because she has superb follow up and is very thorough. She takes great pride in her job and is genuine in all of her interactions. She truly cares about providing her clients the best possible service.

She is an incredible recruiter, and is just highly skilled in the art of recruiting which certainly goes far beyond job boards. She is always updating her knowledge base and active in the recruiting community as a whole. She works with true integrity and honesty which I value."

Tara Dishmon

"Julie is a star performer and top caliber leader. Driven, Dedicated and Focused, she is the glue that binds so many team members together for the common good. Above all else, Julie provided collaborative and strategic counsel to executive leadership resulting in direct and measurable impact on the L'Occitane brand. I would be fortunate and proud to work with Julie in the future."

Carrie Strecker

"Julie is easily at the top of the list of recruiters I have worked with. Without exception she is responsive, completely professional, and thoroughly knowledgeable about her clients and the candidates she represents. Her attention to detail and follow through on each assignment instills complete confidence in any task she takes on. I would give Julie my highest recommendation."

Karen Fay

"I highly recommend Julie Fleury as a Contract Manager/Recruitier at Ryzen Solutions. Julie is dilligent, professional, and attentive to details to find a good match of your skills and the requirements of the job. She is always ready to guide you through each step of your job pursuit."

Sue Curtzwiler

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