Preparing Your Interview Team

Preparing Your Interview Team Hiring a new employee is no doubt a significant investment of your company’s time and resources, and not just during the hiring process. Onboarding, training and retaining quality employees is a top concern – which is why so many employers are dedicated to getting it right the first time. Regardless of…

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Resume Chopping Block: What To Cut

Resume Chopping Block: What To Cut When completing or updating a resume for a prospective job search, most applicants give it their all – literally. In hoping to present their comprehensive skills, experience and education –  the first instinct is often to include every detail. While the intense effort is commendable, a resume that appears…

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Successful Phone Interview

Tips For A Successful Phone Interview

This fall, the Bay Area reached an economic milestone, housing a record 4 million jobs and boasting the most vigorous hiring month in several years. While this feat is big news for the economy, it is daunting for candidates competing within the nation’s oft-named most favorable job market. Due to the large number of applications…

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The Video Interview

The Video Interview: Where The Most Mistakes Are Made

Video interviews are quite often where the rubber meets the road. While this step in the employment journey might feel equally paramount to an in-person dialogue, what can happen is quite different because of where it happens. There isn’t a great deal of room for technical error when you are sitting across the table from…

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Hiring For Potential: 8 Keys to Success

Hiring For Potential: 8 Keys To Success We have all heard the modern-day philosophy about hiring for attitude and training for skill, but it is far easier said than done. After all, it is hard enough to hire ‘the right person’, especially when you are choosing from candidates who may not have the exact skills…

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man and woman interview meeting

5 Steps to Prepare for an Interview

Congratulations! You made it to the interview phase for a position for which you’re interested. Now what? If you haven’t had an interview for some time, you will want to know how you can be prepared to ace it. Here are five tips for preparing for your interview: Do your homework – the more you…

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