Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S. FinTech Industry

The FinTech industry is ever-increasing, and it continues to explode even in 2020.

FinTech is defined as an advancing intersection of financial services with technological solutions. It may include businesses operating in asset management, insurance, and personal finance management, etc. These are usually in close rivalry with traditional financial institutions.

But what are the current prospects for job seekers? You’d be surprised to know that most of the time, you don’t even require experience in financial services to get hired in FinTech. And here are the top 5 jobs that are high-paying in the US FinTech sector:

1. Blockchain Expert/ Developer

You can be a blockchain engineer, blockchain product manager, interact with clients seeking blockchain solutions, and help companies adapt their platforms to newer technologies. Blockchain is amongst the fastest-growing, highly-paid, and in-demand jobs in the FinTech sector.

Skills Required: Languages including C++, Java, and skills including Solidity, Ripple, and Hyperledger Fabric.
Roles & Responsibilities: Develop and optimize blockchain protocols, manage frontend or backend development, monitor smart

contracts, and centralize/ decentralize data. Average salary: Up to $130,000 per year

2. App Developer

The demand for mobile solutions and those who can create the same is especially booming in 2020. FinTech apps are seeing a spectacular growth from the last few years since financing is driven by the appetite of tech-savvy millennial consumers. This is why app developers have a constant market to make secure, futuristic, and record-hitting smartphone solutions.

Skills Required: Analytical skills, understanding of databases, JavaScript, machine learning, deep learning, AI, and programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and more.

Roles & Responsibilities: Understand client’s app requirements, identify critical specifications, work with IT professionals, design innovative prototypes, write high-quality source codes, perform integration before launch, troubleshoot apps, find and fix bugs, test and identify apps, and more.

Average salary: Up to $131,000 per year

3. Product Owner/ Manager

Product owners or managers are involved in a diverse set of roles and responsibilities to handle the product development lifecycle. From design, architecture, and development to when it reaches the ultimate audience, Product Experts are responsible for maintaining a line of quality FinTech commodities.

Skills Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in product management, promotional skills, organizational skills, and related technical skills.

Roles & Responsibilities: Understand user needs, monitor competitive trends, define the product’s vision, prioritize product features, work with internal/ external stakeholders, and execute a shared vision, etc.

Average salary: Up to $133,000 (in Silicon Valley)

4. Financial Analyst

Financial sectors always have a demand for financial analysts for the creation and management of company budgets against incoming revenue. They also run business studies, conduct analyses, assemble financial reports, and study market trends. Companies additionally require graduates who may work with clients for data analysis.

Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/ Economics/ Finance/ Mathematics/ Statistics along with CFA certification.
Roles & Responsibilities: Track the company’s financial performance, analyze market conditions, make strategic decisions, work

closely with the accounts team, perform variance analysis, and create forecasts and models. Average salary: Up to $67,000 per year

5. Cybersecurity Expert/ Analyst

Digital space is highly unsafe due to the cyber risks involved. Moreover, financial services are always amongst the significant targets as cybercriminals usually go where more money is concerned. Thus the demand for cybersecurity experts is red hot in FinTech. Firms incur higher costs in crime prevention, and the need for such professionals is expected to increase massively in the coming years.

Skills Required:Digital communication, incident investigation, governance, risk management, compliance, virtualization, technology-specific skills, and analytical skills.

Roles & Responsibilities: Conduct vulnerability testing, monitor security access, perform security audits, identify security breaches, evaluate the best testing tools, handle a team, and deliver awareness training. Usually, the job is on-premises, but you may have to travel in case of client meetings.

Average salary: Up to $100,000 per year with CISP Certification

FinTech is a rapidly expanding space that offers immense opportunities. Most people in the future will want to learn about it and explore the possibilities. Due to the nature of work, the industry brings out high-paying jobs as well.

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