Month: December 2020

hands planting a tree

Office Gift Giving Ideas

Corporate Gifts to Give Employees and Bosses Gift-giving has long been a tradition of the holiday season, symbolizing a time of showing gratitude, appreciation, and care. While this is commonly associated with family and friends, the tradition also extends to the workplace, where you give gifts to your fellow workers and your bosses. That said,…

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COVID-19 and Privacy for Employees

Privacy Laws for Employers to Take Note of to Keep Employees Safe in the Time of COVID-19 The COVID pandemic has caused people from all over the world to become increasingly conscious and cautious about their health. With a larger emphasis placed on hygiene and the need for social distancing measures, it is clear that…

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Three Reasons to Hire a Fractional Executive

A fractional executive is a hiring trend that allows SMBs to get VP or C-level expertise for a “fraction” of the cost. Fractional executives usually offer long term engagement working on a retained basis for an agreed-upon amount of time per month. The fractional executive may work for several companies at one time or may…

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