Office Gift Giving Ideas

Corporate Gifts to Give Employees and Bosses

Gift-giving has long been a tradition of the holiday season, symbolizing a time of showing gratitude, appreciation, and care. While this is commonly associated with family and friends, the tradition also extends to the workplace, where you give gifts to your fellow workers and your bosses. That said, thinking of a present for your colleagues or boss can be much more challenging than it sounds. Finding the balance between professional and personal can be particularly tricky, making the decision harder.

When it comes to giving gifts in the workplace, you may have many questions running through your head. How much is an appropriate amount to spend, and what type of gift should you look for in general? If you are still thinking about what to get for your co-workers and bosses, check out some of these corporate gift ideas to help you out for the holidays. Keep in mind some of them may not be appropriate this year due to the pandemic, but tuck them in your back pocket for next year!

Plant a Tree

A unique way to send your good wishes to people in the workplace would be to plant a tree on their behalf. What better way to spend the holidays than by giving the gift of trees? A single tree can go a long way in helping save the planet, so sending even just one as a gift can have a huge positive impact. Ultimately, trees can help create a home for plants and animals, keep the air clean, and help contribute to the battle against climate change. Here is one source for gifting a planted tree.

Donate on their Behalf

Similar to planting a tree, another unique thing you can do for your co-workers or bosses is to make a donation on their behalf. Select a charity or organization that you feel they will support, then make a donation under their name. This idea is thoughtful and perfect for people who you feel do not need anything in particular. It is also common in the workplace as it tends to be more appropriate for the corporate setting.

Streaming Subscription

If you prefer to give a group gift for the entire office rather than choosing something for each person, you can consider getting a streaming subscription. Get the office a six-month or one-year subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, or other providers to keep the workplace entertained during your free times.

office worker christmas gift with covid mask onEmployee Incentives

If you are an employer, you may be just as uncertain about what you can give to your employees. A survey conducted by Forbes showed that 94% of employees want a gift that shows they are valued. One way to do this can be to provide some form of incentive, such as allowing them to get off work early, giving an extra paid day off, or offering a free bar at the company Christmas party. While these acts may seem like small gestures, they have shown to be effective in showing employees your appreciation for their efforts.

Office Upgrade

Another way to motivate your employees is to do some rehauling and upgrading in the office. Having a suitable work environment is conducive to keeping your team productive and motivated, so in some cases, redesigning the office may do just the trick. Select some comfortable new furniture and install new appliances, especially those for the pantry! This gift will be perfect to do over the Christmas break, so your employees are in for a treat when they get back after the holidays.

Catered Lunch

If you want to show your appreciation for your co-workers with a simple yet thoughtful gesture, you can order some lunch from a popular caterer. After a busy day of working, everyone is sure to enjoy sitting down and having a good meal in the office. With this effort, you can certainly convey your gratitude to your employees.