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Bridging the Gap Between the Aging Baby Boomer and the Younger Generations

Generations Working Side-by-side As the Baby Boomers start to approach retiring age, businesses have seen an influx of Generation X, millennials, and Generation Z members joining the workforce. With many senior employees working beyond the retirement age today, generation gaps have become more evident and prominent in the workplace. While the millennials and Generation X…

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Post-Covid: Addressing Employees Apprehensions About Returning to Work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to establish remote work set-ups to comply with stay-at-home orders and prevent employees from contracting the virus. The transition has undoubtedly been a challenging ordeal, with companies facing much uncertainty about how operations will continue. Now that restrictions and protocols are slowly starting to ease, the big question for…

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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S. FinTech Industry

The FinTech industry is ever-increasing, and it continues to explode even in 2020. FinTech is defined as an advancing intersection of financial services with technological solutions. It may include businesses operating in asset management, insurance, and personal finance management, etc. These are usually in close rivalry with traditional financial institutions. But what are the current…

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Career Goals 2020: The Why, What & How

Career Goals 2020: The Why, What & How According to The New York Times, a full-time employee will spend roughly 80,000 hours at work over his/her lifetime. Without intentional action and a purposeful plan, it’s easy to let tens of thousands of hours pass you by before you wonder why you aren’t where you hoped…

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Holidays In The Workplace: A Helpful Guide

Holidays In The Workplace: A Helpful Guide It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? A time when offices are often transformed (or at least sprinkled!) with all things winter and fun. An opportunity when many companies roll out giving back initiatives and ways to unite in community good. A time when you wonder…

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Acing the Interview – How to Answer the Dreaded Question

Acing the Interview – How to Answer the Dreaded Question We’ve all been there. Nervously awaiting the beginning of our first interview, when the interviewer starts with the dreaded: “So, tell me about yourself.” First of all, let’s discuss a few reasons why they chose to open the interview in this manner. Perhaps they haven’t…

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Keeping It Legal: What Is Acceptable To Ask

Keeping It Legal: What Is Acceptable To Ask At the PJF Group, we understand that the functional aspects of hiring are not always easy, and we appreciate employers who are committed to ensuring that hiring is accomplished efficiently and equitably on every level. You may have read our previous blog on ‘Keeping It legal: What…

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The Real Impact of Social Media on your Employability

The Real Impact Of Social Media On Your Employability Did you know that over 50% of employers have reported that data found in a prospect’s social media profile led to their decision NOT to hire a candidate? On the flip side, 44% of employers have stated that information found online has solidified their pick when…

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Resume Summary Statement

First Impressions: Writing A Strong Summary

First Impressions: Writing A Strong Summary Times are changing in the world of what employers really want, and very few are seeking the conventional objective feature that graced the first line of resume content for several decades. Instead, the industry standard in hiring is now to assess an applicant’s summary statement. According to the Harvard…

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